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Charge Your Phone or Tablet By Using Photosynthesis

Arkyne Techonologies based in Barcelona have come up with a clever way to charge your phone or tablet by harnessing the power of a pot plant. Continue reading “Charge Your Phone or Tablet By Using Photosynthesis”

Miniature Treehouses in Succulents and Cacti

Los Angeles based artist Jedediah Corwyn Voltz is making an art form out of Cacti and Succulents by creating tiny tree houses, nestled in their thorns and stems. Continue reading “Miniature Treehouses in Succulents and Cacti”

Herb Planter for Small Spaces

Designers┬áMiriam Josi and Stella Lee Prowse have created an innovative planter called Nomad, perfect for urban living and limitations of space. Continue reading “Herb Planter for Small Spaces”

Suspended Floral Garden

If passing through Berlin this month, you will have a chance to see British artist Rebecca Louise Law‘s latest installation- a hanging garden. Continue reading “Suspended Floral Garden”

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